Poems and Pints

Yes, at The Bush, we are famed for our great music, but we also have a few poets amongst our regulars as well. Our top poet is Sue King and by popular demand she has been conferred the title of
Poet Laureate of The Bush.
Sue King, Poet Laureate for The Bush

We will have a Poems and Pints Evening soon! If you want to contribute please get in touch.

Here is the Poem Sue wrote for St David's Day Dinner in 2014.
Other Poems will follow!

Oh Upper Cwmbran!
(With Apologies to the English!)

What’s special about Upper Cwmbran he said?
I threw him a look that cut him dead
I thought I saw him shiver and shrink
As he lowered his head to sup his drink

The dragon in me roared out loud
Come on boyo make me proud!
This is our corner of Wales I cried
We have good reason to show our pride!

Haven’t you walked on Mynnydd Maen?
And breathed the heavy scent of pine
Or climbed to the mast on a windy day
And let it blow your cares away

Haven’t you picked blackberries on the tips?
And gone back home with purple lips
Or played at war with ferns as swords
Or flown the slippery path with boards

Haven’t you pushed your bike to the Square?
And made a fast descent from there
Or almost crossed the stream in one
But fell in backwards on your bum

Haven’t you heard of the little green man?
And running past as fast as you can
Past those resting at Siloam
Down the mountain road back home

Haven’t you ridden a quad through snow?
With Bert going fast as he can go
Or heard the cuckoo in the spring
Or seen the bluebells May will bring

Haven’t you seen the reservoir yet?
Or jumped the overflow for a bet
Or watched the horses pulling logs
And chatted to people walking dogs

Haven’t you been to the Bush my friend?
And stayed there until the bitter end
Or had a lazy Sunday lunch
Or brought your own food for New Year brunch

Haven’t you sampled the pizza they make?
Or tried a lovely Thursday steak
Or been smoked by a chimney block
Or listened to Blues, Folk and Rock

Didn’t you go to the Bradfest event?
And struggle to fold a pop up tent
Or chat to friendly locals there
Or ever call at the Mountain Air

Haven’t you had friends who are there for you?
When the going’s tough they’ll see you through?
Don’t you know what the people say?
That everyone here is related some way.

Haven’t you lived somewhere before?
Where every door is an open door?
Where people make the community
A wonderful place for you to be

And that is why it’s a special place
I think I set out a successful case
The man leant forward and said to me
That’s a place I’d like to be

I laughed and said you can’t I’m afraid
And this the excuse I quickly made
I’m very proud of my Welsh Nation
But can’t allow more immigration

There’s no parking for chariots you see
or space on the immigrants settee
So you’ll have to dream of living there
I know it’s tough but it’s only fair

And back I went to Upper Cwmbran
Leaving my friend a broken man
But it’s not all bad now is it
I told him he was free to visit

Su King 1st March 2014












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